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Rogue Leather Hand Grips


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THE ROGUE LEGION’s PUNISHER EDITION LEATHER HAND GRIPS are constructed with military grade nylon and high quality leather to ensure a comfortable fit when going into battle☠️☠️☠️

Designed to eliminate blisters, callouses, rips and tears on your hands while on a mission.

Keep your hands protected no matter what battle you may be in, be it Pull Ups, Chest to bar, Muscle Ups, Power Lifting, Snatches, gymnastics etc.

The high quality leather is durable, yet soft and form fitting. We stitch that to a Bulletproof Nylon wrist strap that holds everything together, but does not irritate your wrist.

Strap up with THE ROGUE LEGION’s LEATHER HAND GRIPS to Unleash Your Military Mindset to get the Mission Accomplished!!!


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