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Sparta Kraken Pump non Stimulant


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Sparta Nutrition brings you the ultimate caffeine and stimulant-free nitric oxide boosting pre workout: Kraken Pump. You haven’t experienced muscle pumps and vascularity until you have tried Kraken Pump. With large doses of L-Citrulline, HydroMax, and Nitrosigine, Nitric Oxide levels are boosted and maintained to provide enhanced blood flow to your muscles. A more full muscle can experience skin tearing pumps and better nutrient utilization for lean muscle mass growth.

KRAKEN PUMP doesn’t stop at increasing NO2: We at Sparta Nutrition went above and beyond by adding a very unique addition in Coconut Water. Coconut Water is very well known for its ability to hydrate cells at a higher rate. A more hydrated muscle can better effectively contract, allowing for intense muscle pumps. A more hydrated muscle can also better effectively utilize nutrients to grow lean muscle mass and allow you to train longer and harder.



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